Doors to Baghdad

Rosewood were recently involved in an interesting order from a customer who manufacture specialist fire retardant doors. We were given the challenging objective of not only manufacturing and packing the cases to 9.5m in length, but to also end load these into standard sea freight containers bound for Baghdad.

To ensure that the doors would reach their final destination in perfect condition they were individually shrink wrapped onto the case base. With the case then assembled around each door, the products were secured within the case to prevent any in transit movement during their intensive journey over road and sea.   All of the timber was heat treated in accordance with ISPM15 regulations of the country receiving the cases as well as for those countries through which they would pass on route.

The extensive length of the timber packing cases meant that they were too wide to load into a container in the traditional manner.  Loading therefore in this instance was achieved by utilizing two forklift trucks to control and support the case during the careful end loading operation. There were four cases loaded into each container. The 3m excess space at the front of the container was framed out with timber to ensure the cases could not move down the container length during transit.

The doors reached their destination across the equator successfully and arrived in the same UK dispatch condition as a result of the protection provided by the timber cases and their internal packing.