Cost effective packaging

Cost Effective Packaging 

We aim to help our customers reduce packaging costs and believe that supplier support and unbiased packaging material choice are two primary strengths in being able to accomplish this. 

We cherish our long-standing relationships with key national suppliers, working closely to ensure that the raw material quality is consistent.Bespoke requirements are also accommodated to help keep material waste to a minimum. This means our customers can therefore benefit from the most cost effective raw material rates through a combination of low waste and high volume national discounts.

Our innovative approach to designing and proposing the most cost-effective packaging is not constrained by the material medium. When reviewing our customers’ packaging requirements, we are objective and unbiased regarding the packaging material that provides the best solution.

We use whichever material is the most appropriate – and it may be that the best solution is a combination of not only timber and cardboard, but also alternative materials. The only consideration is that the packaging has to be the correct material for the product and for the customer.