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Timber has been used as a protective packaging material for centuries and it remains one of the world’s most ubiquitous packaging materials. Rosewood has over half a century of extensive experience of designing and manufacturing timber packaging.

We support the need to strike a balance between nature and the economic & social role of forests. We ensure that our timber supplies are derived from managed forests where tree felling, replanting and soil nurturing takes place in a planned and sustained manner. We passionately believe that timber products should not, literally, cost the earth.

Grading & ISPM15

Timber is graded according to a number of criteria such as the amount of wane present on the cut plank and the quantity, size and nature of the knots. Grades are usually stipulated by end users to ensure a desired uniformity in timber appearance and performance. Grade 1 timber may, for example, require planks to meet the following conditions:

  • 100% square edged
  • Free from large, loose, dead, decayed, wing or splayed knots
  • Free from cracks, splits, shakes and resin pockets
  • Free from infestation and rot
  • Free from wane, bark and excessive residual sawdust

To negate the risk of widespread environmental damage caused by plant pests and disease, many countries have adopted the internationally recognised ISPM15 implementation and import regulations for the movement of timber. The ISPM15 regulations ensure that all timber that moves from one area of the world to another has been treated appropriately. At Rosewood, we recognised that these measures would have a significant impact on the timber packaging that we produce for our customers who export goods. As a consequence, we became one of the first 100 companies in the UK to become licensed to supply heat-treated timber packaging.

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