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    Award winning & innovative packaging solutions.

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    Any Company who has a desire to improve their packaging either in terms of aesthetics, environmental aspirations, product performance, service or price.

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    Our focus is on consistently providing high quality customer service for the best consumer experience.

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    We have production sites & distribution centres on Tyneside and we deliver throughout the UK

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Welcome to Rosewood Packaging

Thank you for your interest in Rosewood Packaging and for taking the time to read our website. We are proud of nurturing strong and enduring relationships with our customers and these relationships are key to understanding a packaging requirement. The focus may be one of service, packaging performance, packaging aesthetics, cost-effective packaging, or, it may be a mixture of all of these and other packaging requirements.

Whatever the packaging target, we aim to provide an innovative packaging solution with an honest, willing and open approach. We strive for excellence in all parts of our business and the cornerstone to achieve this is our skilled, experienced and loyal employees, who demonstrate an enthusiastic passion for packaging.

I hope our website illustrates Rosewood’s wide range of packaging products and services that has been developed to meet the increasing demands of an ever changing packaging industry.

We look forward to working closely with you to provide a premier packaging service for your business.

Stephen Lord
Group Managing Director
Rosewood Packaging

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